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Programación Cultural One of the principal aims of the Casa de la India is the promotion and diffusion of the diverse traditional and contemporary artistic expressions of India. The programming includes dance, theatre, music, literature, photography, plastic arts, cinema, video-documentaries, etc., as part of multi-disciplinary events, cultural weeks, cinema cycles, exhibitions, and performances and meetings with artists and writers from India. These regular activities are complemented by conferences, courses and theoretical-practical workshops.
With this programme, the Casa de la India hopes to present up-to-date events which reflect a multi-cultural, dynamic society in continual transformation. The Casa de la India does not want, therefore, to offer merely passive entertainment to the public, but rather to serve as a means of education and to provide a platform for intercultural dialogue in today's multicultural society.
The cultural programme is organised in co-ordination with the Indian Embassy in Spain, the Indian Council for Cultural Relations, the City Council of Valladolid, the University of Valladolid, and other institutions and cultural agencies in Spain, Europe and India.


The majority of events are held in the main centre of the Casa de la India at Calle Puente Colgante 13 in Valladolid, which has a multi-functional assembly hall and an exhibition room. The Casa de la India also organises cultural activities in other places and cities in collaboration with institutions with which it has signed agreements. Casa de la India also supports the touring of performances and exhibitions for a greater diffusion throughout the Community of Castilla and Leon and other regions of Spain.
Apart from the regular programming of activities, Casa de la India organises several major cultural events which allow the general public to further their knowledge in certain fields of Indian art and culture. Some of these events which reach out to a wider public are:

- The India Festival: with its base in Valladolid and the first festival was held in the autumn of 2004. One of the highlights of the festival is the Music and Performing Arts festival which includes performances, practical workshops and conferences. The festival is biannual and is supported by the Indian Council for Cultural Relations of the Indian Government and other national and international bodies.

- The Spanish Film Festival in India: this is an annual festival promoted by Casa de la India in collaboration with the Embassy of Spain in India, the ICAA (Institute for Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts), the Spanish Ministry of Culture, the Spanish Agency for International Development and Cooperation and the Cervantes Institute in New Delhi. This festival, started in 2006, is designed to showcase the best in recent Spanish Film and expose the Indian audience, critics, producers and directors and distributors to Spanish Film.

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