Board of Friends

Composition, competences and functions


The Casa de la India Board of Friends as a body of the Casa de la India Foundation is defined in the Statues of the foundation, established in Valladolid on the 13th of March 2003 by the Indian Government, through the Embassy of India in Spain, the University of Valladolid and Valladolid City Council. As outlined in article 14 of the Statutes, the Foundation's Trustees may set up a Board of Friends which is composed of those entities and/or individuals who, according to their collaboration with the Foundation, fulfil the conditions outlined by the Trustees to join the Board. Its organization, Statute and functions will be regulated by the Trustees. In all cases, the Board of Friends will be able to collaborate and voice proposals and suggestions related to the objectives and aims of the Foundation.




The aims of the Board are to promote, stimulate and support cultural and educational events, as well as business and co-operation events which, in the broadest terms, are related to the Foundation's objectives and Casa de la India activities. 

In order to meet these aims, the board can propose and develop all those activities which, in the widest sense, promote, stimulate and/or support the mission and activity of Casa de la India and contribute to the sponsorship, diffusion, support, organization and implementation of its programme, including publications, editing and producing, printing, web and virtual office, exhibitions (paintings, sculptures, photography), performing arts, music, cinema cycles, courses, congresses, seminars, conferences, children's workshops, cultural and educational trips, scholarship programmes, delegations, commercial missions, guided tours and others.

It is explicitly stated that the Board will be a non-profit-making body.


Types of Members


The Board of Friends encompasses the following types of members:


Members of the Board of Friends in 2010:        


    • Divisa iT
    • P4R


Meritous Friends:
    • Fernando Colomo y Beatriz de la Gándara (Colomo Producciones)
    • Julio Juberías
    • Viswanathan Anand


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