Seminars and Lectures

The growing interest in India in present-day Spanish society makes it necessary to develop a deeper knowledge of the social and cultural realities of India which at times is treated in the Spanish media rather superficially and conventionally, based on clichés, stereotypes and deep-seated prejudices.

Conscious of the demand for courses related to Asia and its culture, society and history, Casa de la India organises multi-disciplinary seminars and lectures for professionals, students and members of the general public, given by visiting experts and in collaboration with various national and international organisations.



Kalasangam, permanent performing arts and music seminar


This permanent performing arts and music seminar was created in 2007 in order to offer professional training in Indian dance, theatre and music. The Casa de la India hopes to be a meeting point (sangam) for the arts (kala) in order to create experts (rasikas).


The courses give the students the opportunity to obtain a theoretical and practical base by becoming familiar with the essentials of Indian performing arts and music and so embark on any of the dance and music specialities being offered (Kathakali, Bharata Natyam, Kathak, Odissi, Bollywood and Bhangra dance, sitar, song, tabla and percussion, martial arts etc.). Indian aesthetic theories, as well as other aspects of Indian culture, such as philosophy, religion or history, complement the practical classes in order to better understand, practice and enjoy these arts.

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