Cooperating Training Programme

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Formación para la Cooperación en la India Co-operation Training Courses in India

Casa de la India collaborates with the University of Valladolid , the Public University of Navarre and the NGO Fireflies of India in the organisation of specific multi-disciplinary courses in India for the training of experts in development issues and co-operation with India .

Among the general objectives of this programme are the prevention of political, economic and social conflicts in the international, national and local ambits, the minimisation of prejudices and distrust, the encouragement of ecological knowledge and respect for the environment, the promotion of equal rights between the sexes, social and religious groups, as well as helping mutual understanding, tolerance and dialogue by means of the interchange of ideas and concepts of the world.
These courses, which last four months, take place near Bangalore in the state of Karnataka in southern India , and are open to university students who wish to further their knowledge of the theoretical and practical aspects of co-operation in India and acquire field work experience in a specific project.
The precise content of the courses, as well as the requirements and other characteristics of enrolment, appear in the specific announcement in this web page .

Short term Seminars and Programmes

Casa de la India, in collaboration with different institutions both in Valladolid as well as in other Spanish cities, also organises short term informative seminars and programmes aimed at professionals, ONG workers, students and entrepreneurs.

These courses are open to the public and are announced via the Agenda of the web site.

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