Escuela de la India

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What is Escuela de la India (India School)?


The Escuela de la India , organised by Casa de la India, is an educational programme about India based on diversity and multicultural learning. It presents different subjects regarding traditional and contemporary India through educational and artistic activities and games (interactive dynamics, the reading of texts, plastic arts, painting, audio visual activities, music, dance, theatre, etc.). The Escuela de la India is, therefore, an educative initiative which promotes intercultural dialogue and offers a point of contact between the two cultures.

Who is Escuela de la India for?


The Escuela de la India is aimed at:


  • Students in educational establishments: nursery, primary, secondary, upper secondary, vocational training andsocial guarantee programmes.


  • Teachers interested in intercultural education.


  • Associations, foundations, institutions and civic centres.


  • Other collectives related to the fields of education, the arts and social action.




  • To bring India's ancient and contemporary culture closer to Spanish collectives form a pluralist and intercultural perspective.


  • To broaden the range of intercultural knowledge and create a more complete view of societies different to ours, and of the people that comprise them.


  • To promoteintercultural dialogue in a multicultural society, through respect, and so contribute to personal and social development.




The Escuela de la India team of professionals who organise the activities comprises Indian and Spanish experts with ample experience in multicultural education. The Escuela de la India is a platform where professionals from different areas combine their experience and knowledge to design programmes that will fulfil the objectives set.


The Escuela de la India offers customised programmes which are flexible and can be easily adapted to needs of the individual centre in terms of context, areas of interest, space or type of participant.



Escuela de la India programmes


Cultural days


The cultural days aim to bring India's ancient and contemporary culture closer to Spanish collectives by portraying different cultural, artistic and everyday aspects of life in India, from an intercultural perspective.


Duration: 3 hours


Cultural weeks


The cultural weeks based on multicultural learning cover different topics related to traditional and contemporary India. a variety of activities and complementary workshops are held during the week: games, group dynamics, craftwork, painting, plastic arts, music, dance, literature, gastronomy etc.).


Duration: 10 hours


Encouragement to read trough the arts


This programme incorporates activities to encourage reading through Indian arts. It provides a space for expression and communication where the literary diversity of India, including stories, epic poems, mythological stories as well as poetry, novels and theatre, is creatively explored through gestural dance, theatre, etc.


Duration: 1 hour


Artistic and didactic workshops


The following monographic workshops are offered:


  • Performing arts in India
  • Introduction to Indian music
  • Great world religions to encourage tolerance
  • Indian creative handicrafts
  • Indian gastronomy
  • Ayurveda natural medicine
  • Yoga for children and adolescents
  • Traditional Indian games
  • Relaxation exercises and asanas
  • Indian cinema
  • Henna and make-up
  • Calligraphy


Duration of each workshop: 1 hour


Thematic evenings for youths


The Escuela de la India offers youngsters alternative leisure possibilities with, amongst others, Indian music and dance, film, henna workshops.

Duration: 2 hours


"India: A view to debate"


A meeting point with the opportunity to participate in intercultural discussions, related to India, to exchange ideas, opinions through film and documentary screenings, conferences, round tables, debates etc.



Telf: 983 22 87 12


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