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La casa de la India India, cradle of philosophical, religious and cultural traditions, occupies a prominent place in Asia, the continent which is becoming the great protagonist of the XXI century. Indian civilisation has contributed its wisdom and knowledge to many countries both in the East and West and has traditionally been a meeting point between different cultures. Now, the largest democracy in the world is also poised to become a great economic power with enormous relevance in international relations.

Fascination for India in present day Spain and a growing interest towards Spain in India make it necessary to update our mutual knowledge of each other with regard to social and cultural realities which are often treated in the media somewhat conventionally and superficially, based on stereotypes and clichés.
Historically, India has had little contact with Spain, in comparison with the historical links India shares with other European cultures. For this reason it is desirable that civil societies of Spain and India come together and discover the great opportunity which the initiation of a new dialogue based on cultural diversity and mutual respect represents, encouraging co-operation between different sectors of civil society and lasting friendship based on a deeper mutual awareness.
The Casa de la India in Spain, with its head office in Valladolid, is a centre for the promotion and dissemination of Indian culture in Spain. It is an innovative platform which hopes to serve as an instrument to encourage this dialogue between the peoples of India and Spain and to promote the development of their relations in the cultural, social and institutional ambits thus achieving a greater level of co-operation and mutual understanding.
Through this web page we hope to offer you an information channel of the activities which are organised and managed by Casa de la India, as well as other matters concerning India developed in collaboration with other organisations. We invite you to deepen your knowledge of the many points of contact between India and Spain, conscious of the fact that the protagonists of this dialogue are all those people and bodies who wish to participate in this initiative.

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