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Mundo Empresarial In the area of business, Casa de la India wants to serve as a mediator between the enterprises, the Spanish and Indian Chambers of Commerce and the various bodies of society: private institutions, associations, universities and research centres. To achieve this objective, it will make use of the new information technology resources as well as seek synergies with other structures which facilitate commercial relations and co-operation between India and Spain (Spain-India Joint Business Council, Spain-India Tribune, Casa Asia, Embassies, etc).

This activity will be concentrating on various inter-related programmes:

  • The organisation of short consultative programmes for entrepreneurs as well as a scheme for work practice in companies and specific courses aimed at undergraduate students of business studies, economics, etc. in collaboration with the University.
  • Initiatives to facilitate collaboration agreements between enterprises, universities and research centres in Spain and India .
  • The promotion of visits and networking meetings which facilitate the establishment of contacts, co-operation and business relations between different institutions.
  • The promotion of the Spain-India Tribune in collaboration with Chambers of Commerce, Universities, cultural bodies, the media, enterprises and other public and private institutions.
  • The creation of a Virtual Information Office integrated in the web page of the Casa de la India which contributes to the establishment of new information, communication and co-operation channels.

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