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Tribuna España-India For future generations it will be essential to have precise tools to be able to carry out an active dialogue with other cultures and to understand each other mutually, above all in the context of a multicultural society ever more sensitive to an increasing global economic and cultural exchange. For all these factors, the mutual coming together of Spain and India will be of vital relevance for two countries which still remain unknown to each other.

Spain-India Tribune

Since its inception the aim of the Casa de la India has been to promote dialogue between the peoples of Spain and India . For this reason it has worked to promote the creation of a Spain-India Tribune which offers a new forum for permanent co-operation with an annual meeting of representatives of the principle sectors who play a fundamental role in this dialogue. The First Meeting of Spain-India Experts, organised by the Casa de la India in Valladolid on the 24 th February, 2005 analysed the question of the state of Spain-India relations and established the bases for the constitution of the Spain-India Tribune.
With the creation of this Tribune it is hoped to plug the gap in the relations between Spain and India by means of a platform for dialogue and co-operation between the civil societies of both countries which brings together diplomats, politicians, businessmen, economists, academics, the media, NGO's, and cultural agents. These committees of experts can debate the areas of action which could strengthen the relations between Spain and India in the Economic, Parliamentary and Political Relations, Co-operation, the Media, Culture and Education fields.
The main aim of the Tribune is, therefore, to analyse the strategies and means of encouraging the development of relations between Spain and India in the areas previously mentioned and to propose a plan of action in the short and long term and an agenda of subjects and concrete actions which could favourably increase the presence of Spain in India and India in Spain.
The Spain-India Tribune, set in motion by the Casa de la India and Casa Asia, has the support of the bilateral institutions and frameworks existent in society (the Joint Business Council, Chambers of Commerce, Universities, etc.), as well as the backing of the Governments of the two countries. It has, as a precedent, the bilateral organisations already in existence both in India (Indo-German Bilateral Consultative Group, Indo-French Forum, India-UK Round Table, etc.) as well as in Spain (Spain-China Forum, Spain-Japan Forum, etc) and in the EU (EU-India Round Table).

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