Activity Programme 2010- 2011

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The Escuela de la India , organised by Casa de la India, is an educational programme about India based on diversity and multicultural learning. It presents different subjects regarding traditional and contemporary India through games, interactive dynamics, didactic exhibitions, the interpretation of texts through arts, audio visual activities, gastronomy, music, dance, theatre, etc.).


Escuela d e la India offers activities as cultural days or various sessions as cultural weeks which can take place in the educational centres themselves or at the Casa de la India.




To promote through mutual repect intercultural dialogue, awareness, and to educate in and for tolerance, solidarity, harmony, respect for human rights, environmental awareness, non-violence and peace. To offer tools to help promote peace and understanding between people of different backgrounds, race, culture and religion.




  • Customs and ways of life in India
  • Society and family
  • Great world religions
  • Relaxation exercises and asanas
  • Plastic and traditional arts in India
  • Traditional Indian games
  • Indian music
  • Indian dance: Indian story-telling through gestural dance
  • India today: Bollywood cinema




Escuela de la India is aimed at students in nursery, primary, secondary and upper secondary educational establishments and vocational training and social guarantee programmes in Valladolid. It is also directed at teachers interested in intercultural education.




Escuela de la India offers four programmes:



  1. “Indian Cultural Week” comprising 10 hours in total.


  2. “Indian Cultural Day” one 90 minute session.


  3. “Indian Artistic and Didactic workshop” lasting 1 hour.


  4. “Intercultural Didactic Performance”, dance, music and theatre lasting 1 hour. 

      Several morning performances will be be organised between october and june.

      Price: 5 € per student (up to two teachers per group enter free)




Activities will be organised between the 1st of October 2010 and the 20th of June 2011.





The cost of each activity depends on the type and duration of the activity organised.





The  Escuela de la India form should be sent to the following address:


Casa de la India


Puente Colgante  13. 47007 Valladolid


Telf. 983 228712 (from 9:00 to 14:00)


Fax: 983 226542 Email:





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