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Indian Council for Cultural Relations Scholarship Programme.
The Casa de la India, in collaboration with the University of Valladolid, annually awards the “Casa de la India-ICCR Scholarships for the Arts,” convened by the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) of the Indian Government under the programme “ICCR Scholarship Scheme.”
These scholarships are aimed at Spanish students in the fields of performing arts, visual arts and music who wish to pursue undergraduate and postgraduate studies in these arts subjects in centres in India officially recognised by the Indian Government.
The conditions of the scholarship, as well as the requirements and other characteristics for submitting applications, appear in the specific annual announcement on this web site.

Information site for other scholarships, lectureships and stipends.

Likewise, the Casa de la India offers regular information about ICCR scholarships for university graduates (“Indo-Spanish exchange programme”) and about Spanish lectureship programmes in India organised by the University of Valladolid and other institutions.

The data base of the Academic World in the section Information about India also includes links to other bodies (Spanish Agency for International Co-operation, Casa Asia) which offer scholarship schemes, lectureships and stipends for India.

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