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Individuals and legal entities. They will not be part of the Board of Directors.

The Board of Trustees can name individuals or legal entities who have performed services relevant to Casa de la India and/or for the good of India, inn whatever capacity, be it professional, business, political, patronage, etc. as Meritous Friends.  Although they do not form part of the Board of Friends, the designation of Meritous Friend is at the discretion of the Board of Trustees.


Benefits for Meritous Friends:

  • Two special, personalised, individual Amigo de Casa de la India (Friend of Casa de la India) membership cards with the following advantages:
      • Free entry to the activities organized by Casa de la India in its headquarters and other venues.
      • Full access to the lending and consultation service of the Library collection of Casa de la India.
      • Regular information on Casa de la India activities.


  • Direct participation in all events related to the business, co-operation and cultural world in relation to India, including those resulting from visits of Indian celebrities.


  • Collaboration in the production of the newsletter through articles,, interviews, opinion sharing etc.
  • Participation in meetings convened by the Board of Friends.


  • Guidance and logistical support during professional trips to India


  • Regular information on Casa de la India activities.


No fixed contribution

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